Re: The Destructive Lie Of “God’s Favor”

I started writing this comment in response to John’s article, but I thought it might be good for a post in itself.

Hi John,

While I agree with your sentiments here, I have to say that it is not as simplistic as all that. Yes, God loves all of us…whether we believe or not. But God abides with His children, who are born of His Spirit. And such abode brings favour.

Certainly, it doesn’t necessarily mean financial favour or worldly success, but it also doesn’t mean that God won’t bless us in those ways either. You can consider the story of the Obed-edom as recorded in 2 Samuel 6:11 as an example. As Christians, our greatest blessing is our assurance of salvation…and that will come with tribulations and persecutions in this world, when we stand for the truth…