Reprobate Minds

Do you think that it is possible that someone in this world right now could wake up tomorrow morning and declare that he or she is a dog, living inside a human body?

Do you think that if such a person was to come out {of the closet}, that they would find sympathisers among the general population?

Do you think that some scientists will devote their lives to discovering a way to transform his/her human body to that of an animal?

Do you think animal rights activitists would defend this animal-human’s body change and their full participation in society as an animal-human?

Do you suppose that more people would wake up in the near future and declare that they are in fact dogs/cats/snakes etc living in human bodies?

What do you suppose might happen to the concept of humanity and human rights?

What about the concept of human sexuality and bestiality?

Do you suppose that bestiality would become legalised, so as not to discriminate against these animal-humans?

Do you think that in the near future, marriage between humans and animals will become legalised?

So many questions… Some of you may be wondering where I am going with this. Perhaps you think it is too far-fetched. An illogical leap for sensationalism? Scare mongering even?