The Marriage ABCs — Y for Yield to Love

Love is tricky business. The advice on falling in love and staying in love seems so contrary. There are so many pitfalls in this, and no matter how hard you try to avoid it, someone always gets hurts. Most are just happy not to be the one who does. The loser. But if a relationship fails, both are losers. And in trying not to be a loser, you show that you are a loser, because you will never truly experience the power of love until you yield to it.

Until you surrender to it, you have never known love. And it is worth knowing love. Those who have surrendered, even though they have been hurt can attest that it was worth letting go, trying to protect themselves from hurt, and reveling in the magic that is love.

Real love requires real sacrifice. And the first thing to die on the altar of love is your ego! Seriously. Stop playing hard to get and just BE hard to get!

You can’t do love with everyone, because it is not really love. It isn’t special. It isn’t deep. It is cheap and a counterfeit…