The Two Theologians

The time had come for the ship to set sail for the Kingdom of Heaven. Two theologians who had very opposing views about almost everything concerning Christianity, and who loved to argue endlessly, met themselves at the dock.

“Hey old friend, glad to see you didn’t miss the boat”, said Pastor Jeff.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world! Been camped here all night”, replied Reverend Joe.

“Oh, really?” Jeff said, not missing the smugness in Joe’s tone. “Well, I had my watch set to the exact time, so I wouldn’t have to waste time at the dock”.

Touche, thought Joe, as they walked along together. “Notice how the ship is round?” Joe asked, referring to an earlier argument. “You said it would be oval.”

“It is oval!” insisted Jeff. “How can you look at this thing and tell me it is round! Ships are always oval!”

“Like I told you, I’ve been here all night! I saw it when it was coming. It is definitely round!”

“You must be kidding me! Don’t be so silly,” Jeff argued. Just like Joe to bring up an old argument, because he lost the last one, he thought and hissed…