Traffic Jam

Nnena was over the moon! She jumped in glee and screamed as she dropped the phone. It had been the call she’d been waiting for all her life! Finally, things are beginning to fall into place, she thought.

She had just three hours to make her appointment across town in Ikeja. But she should be fine, she thought, as that route is usually free at this time, so she would be going against traffic from Lekki. She would need to take Obi to her sister’s place, as she hadn’t yet gotten a nanny.

She’d been job hunting for ages now, and things had been looking bleak. She’d started doing a side business, following her passion in fashion design, but she needed a job to put food on the table. This was the opportunity she needed. The popular fashion magazine, Shakara, would place her where she could really become relevant in the industry! Of course, it was just an assistant job, but it was promising all the same!

After fixing up her make-up and packing Obi’s bag with diapers and treats, she was set to go. Before she left, she stopped and said a quick prayer…