Understanding Emotional Affairs

I recently concluded a two-volume fictional series called An Emotional Affair, to illustrate how easy it is for such a stronghold to take captive a marriage. It was also to illustrate that God is able and willing to deliver us all, and that we must be as gracious as He is to release the power of His love in our marriage.

In the story, the lead character, Lola, was a neglected wife, who finally got some attention from another man, Danny. Though she resisted at first, she eventually gave in and fell for his relentless advances. Her husband, Bolu, was able to redeem not only himself and his wife and their marriage, but through his obedience to God, his enemy, Danny, was also delivered from the bondage of the Devil and became a minister for Christ.

Reading many of the comments shared, particularly on Lagos Convo, where the story was re-published, it is clear to me that so many people do not understand what an emotional affair is. It was also surprising how emotional a lot of the comments were, with some even saying they hated Lola, even when she hadn’t done anything yet. Just the fact that she was…

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