Why I Decided To Give Fasting A Chance

I will not eat anything for the next 24 hours.

Why would I do that? Well, I’m a bit of a curious individual and a fan of healthy lifestyle, and I’ve been thinking about trying it out for quite some time now.

Not to mention the irony I see and gratitude I feel, that we (majority of people) live during the times where it’s more difficult not to eat than to eat. Food is abundant and easy to get (again, for majority of people) that we overlook it and take it for granted, forgetting to be grateful living in these conditions.

The state of being hungry and “fasting” may very well be more natural than eating at regular intervals. It is also widely believed now to be more healthy.

Not to mention I won’t have to do any dishes for the next twenty four hours!

I’ll save money on food as well as time spent eating, and receive many benefits for my health that comes with fasting. Any way I look at it, it’s a win/win and must do. Wonder what took me so long to give it a try.

Just search the internet on the benefits of the intermittent fasting, you may want to give it a try as well. I’ll make sure to share my experience of not eating anything after I go through it. See you then.