Why I Don’t Write

My biggest fear in life is to get rejected sharing my thoughts and expressing myself. It always been. Hence if I write and share something, I’m terrified of being judged and put down. I may seem too weird, or too immature or just simply not good enough and I will be ridiculed. It paralyzes me.

I gave in to this fear for years and did not write at all, or when I did write, I haven’t shown it to anybody what I’ve written.

I’ve kept it to myself and held quiet keeping myself busy with myriad other things. Looking for other goals and purposes, neglecting my one true dream in life, that of being an artist and expressing me. Afraid to face my fear and look her in the eyes.

It’s easy to find excuses and escape route from facing the reality when you’re afraid. It’s difficult to admit you’re afraid and walk the scary path regardless of the fear.

At some point you must.

Let’s have a go at it. Put on your war face and take that first step. If it doesn’t work out, I can crawl back into hiding at any given point.