10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Our Annual Night of Networking

For the past seven years, our student organization has proudly brought together companies and our amazing students. This March, we encourage you to be apart of an unforgettable night of networking. If you need any convincing, here’s 10 reasons why you should attend!

1. You can attend this event (with a dinner included) for a small fee, or if you’re a Women In Business active member then it’s complimentary!

2. This is a great excuse to practice dressing business professional, or to get more wear out of those pricey pantsuits you already own.

3. Get acquainted with tons of awesome sponsors and recruiters from a myriad of companies looking to hire you once you graduate.

4. At this event, we recommend that you meet some new peers who you might not have met before! UGA is a big school, but being a Terry student tends to shrink it.

5. Embrace the girl power! Nothing is more inspiring than seeing how another woman has cracked the glass ceiling for you.

6. Because, what else would you do on a Thursday evening? The location, the Graduate Athens, is super hip and makes a great location for big events.

7. If you like our meetings, you’ll love this event! We’ll have a keynote speaker similar to the way we bring in professionals to our regular club meetings.

8. Make lasting connections, since they want to talk to us students and we want to get hired and get advice. This opportunity is much more candid than any career fair.

9. Focus on meeting people, not just collecting business cards. of course, as a WIB member, your portfolio is buffed and ready to go but this night is also about making a genuine connection with people.

10. Last but not least, growing your network can help you grow your net worth! Whether you’re looking for a future co-founder or a few more LinkedIn connections, Women in Business has got you covered.

If you’re interested in participating, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Paperless Post.

— Brooke LeBlanc, WIB Marketing Committee Member