4 Tips To Use User Generated Content

Content in the form of blogs, forum posts, images, videos, tweets, and many more are known as user generated content. UGC has the power to build or ruin your business’s credibility. As UGC campaigns have a huge impact on businesses, it’s really important to use UGC in a proper manner. Follow these tips to use UGC in your marketing campaigns.

1) Encourage your fans to engage with your UGC campaign — Do you know that billions of posts and tweets are posted every day? You need to create posts in a way that directly contributes to authentic conversation around brands. Encourage your fans to participate in your UGC campaign, either by using branded hashtags or run a UGC contest. This can help you to target your audience.

2) Use CTAs to engage with demographics — Most of the millennial’s and baby boomers say that they make their purchase decisions by getting influenced by UGC. These two demographics contributes to the major consumer spending in the US. Both of these demographics exhibit different behavior and attitude. So next time you run a UGC campaign for your target audience, include relevant CTAs to boost your campaign.

3) Allow your users to submit the content they prefer — Allow your users to submit the content of their choice and watch the submissions flood in. Allowing them to submit their choice of content however, would force you to use some kind of content moderation service. You need to protect your UGC campaign from unwanted, offensive, vulgar, profane, hate speech etc. type of content.

4) Contest and sweepstakes — The one metric that is always beneficial for marketing campaign is social sharing incentives. Encourage your consumers to click a snap and upload their photo as a contest entry. Awarding your contest entries is the key to drive users to your campaign. Encouraging your users to share content with their peers and friends will not only increases your reach and engagement rate. Moreover, it will boost visits to your site by 300%.

UGC is like a currency in digital marketing world. It engages users with brands. It works as both brand marketing and word-of-mouth advertising. It increases your brand’s credibility and reputation.It supports your bottom line, so must it be used carefully.

Tips for User-Generated Marketing Campaigns

You can use UGC marketing tactics for your next campaign with these strategies:

· Ask for photo entries that feature one of your products.

· Collaborate with fans on branded Pinterest boards.

· Invite entrants and your fans to be your guest bloggers.

· Offer sweepstakes for a user to write a blog post about your product, service or experience

· Establish discussion forums.

We are sure that these tips will surely help you to create a powerful online presence with UGC. Your customers will be happier and more invested in your business.