Does UGC influence purchase decisions of Consumers?

UGC is the new sensation in digital marketing world. It helps in instantly humanizing your brand and makes your brand look friendlier on social media channels. If you are a digital marketer and looking to increase engagement on your client’s social media channels or on your social media platform, plan a UGC campaign.

Now, what is UGC?

UGC is known as user-generated content. It is a source of content solely created by users and thrives under your brand’s name. User generated content can be anything in the form of text, audio, video, image etc. Brand’s use this UGC posted on their social media platform or website to further their brand marketing. As this kind of content comes free of cost, it is like free advertising. However, there is a catch. As it comes for free, the content quality is unpredictable.

It is imperative to have right content moderation services in place to tackle content related issues with your UGC.

How it influences consumers?

As it is user generated content, the tone and level of content complements the regular consumer mindset. It can be easily re-purposed. All you have to do is ask your consumers to share the UGC and they will happily oblige.

Why would they do it? Because users love to be noticed by brands! Moreover, direct brand interaction offers you the opportunity to convert your users into potential leads and consumers.

As per Sprout Social, there is a 75% likelihood of sharing a good brand interaction on social media.

It means that seventy five percent of consumers say that they will happily share a positive experience with a brand on their social channels online and also spread it offline. A good interaction with brand can boost the purchase decision of the consumers to almost 70%.

Increase in conversion rates

According to Clickz, the conversion rate increases by 4.6%, when the consumers are influenced by user generated content. The conversion rate increases to 9.6% when consumers’ interact and engage with user-generated content while shopping.

As you can see, UGC has the power to influence consumers and drive conversion rates. You must consider UGC campaign as your social media marketing strategy.

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