Invest in Content Moderation Before It’s Too Late

Do you know that every day approx. 140 million users are active on Twitter, 4.1 million minutes of video are uploaded to YouTube, and more than 6 billion of photos are uploaded to Facebook in a month?

The content uploaded on your sites and social media channels by users in the form of texts, photos, and videos is known as user generated content. This UGC has the power to build or ruin your brand reputation. If something goes wrong, you can be in a big loss. If you want to protect your brand, you really need to invest in content moderation before it’s too late. Here are the three reasons why content moderation must be an integral part of brand identity.

  1. Reputation Management

Your users can provide endless user generated content on your site and social media channels. UGC, whether positive or negative, has a tendency to go viral in just a few seconds. This means UGC can build or ruin your brand’s reputation in an instant. Content moderation can help you protect your brand’s reputation. It offers you the ability to moderate offensive content and publish profanity free content. So investing in good moderation services will ensure the peace of mind you need.

2. Positive Customer Experiences

A safe and friendly space (where users feel free to express themselves within specific guidelines) encourages your audience to participate more on your sites. However, for this you really need to maintain a perfect balance on your site by allowing users to express themselves and yet not allowing profanity that can hurt your reputation. In this, content moderation can help you by keeping your social sphere free of unwanted, harmful and spam content that may drive away people in your online community.

3. Rules and Guidelines Assurance

Content moderators help you monitor your communities in real-time to ensure proper content guidelines are followed. It allows you to monitor contests/sweepstakes and general comments by assuring that content posted by users follow brand rules and guidelines. When users know what to expect, what’s allowed and what’s not and that filters are enforced, they have a better overall experience with your brand.

Managing your brand’s reputation raises user loyalty and can drive more site traffic to your site. Moreover, giving you both monetary and non-monetary benefits.

So start thinking about investing in content moderation? Go and start reaping benefits from today!