Descriptors in order, from worst thing imaginable to a puppy and a kitten fighting over being able to sit in the same slipper:

  • I would rather chew on broken glass than do/eat/see that again
  • Really? That’s how we’re going to do this? No, no, that’s a fantastic idea, can’t wait to see how it turns out
  • My remaining brain cells are cowering in the corner like an abused retail worker on Black Friday
  • I’m done
  • I mean, it’s not the worst idea I’ve heard
  • Meh/It’s a’ight (interchangeable)
  • I can dig it
  • That’ll do pig, that’ll do
  • Screw it, what’s the worst that could happen
  • Solid.
  • Any and all variations or combinations of the words “sicknasty” and “groovilicious”

As an object lesson, me getting called back in after 4 hours off (after working 10 hours) to work another 9 hours would firmly fall in the category of “rather chew on broken glass.”

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