Rendering 3D AR Models from Real Objects

Tool or Toy?

ARKit demos are bringing animations into our reality. What if we could do the opposite and map our reality into AR? For ARKit to work, it must scan and understand our surroundings. If we can collect that data, we could create virtual 3d models. Let’s give it a try. Join Mikaela Goldrich, Jeff Wolski, and I on this wild experiment with ARKit.


3d models

All 3d models start with vertices. Vertices are geospatial points. That is to say, each point has…

Supercharge Slack with custom notifications

Notifications are everywhere and you’re probably ignoring most of them.
What if we could control our notifications? Instead of subscribing to the blanket that is the internet, we instead plug in our own observers that will notify us about the events that matter.

If you use Slack, then you probably have used a slack integration. Integrations can be incredibly robust because of Slack’s open API. We are going to focus on creating personalized notifications through Slack. Notifications that you can enable/disable at your discretion. Best of all, it won’t cost you a dime. The Slack API lets us send messages…

Ulises Giacoman

iOS Engineer at @joinhandshake

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