Molecule MOL : BlockDAG Cryptocurrency — Next Generation Mobile Pay

More and more people will pay with digital assets in the future. MOL is the ideal electronic cash designed as a financial unit of account, store of value, and medium of exchange. Considered best in class, Molecule combines Blockchain (DPOS: Delegated Proof of Stake) and DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) using similar techniques and processes as IOTA, Nano, Byteball…

Molecule is built upon the data structure of block-lattice. By decoupling the block and transaction, there is no block to be packed just freed from the shackle and implemented using DPOS as consensus while avoiding double-spend. Indigenized Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) will be compacted together with Solidity smart contracts and Oracles to serve the purpose of tokenization for digital applications (dApps).

BlockDAG protocols are the future of decentralized payments. Molecule’s ability to issue a BlockDAG for each transaction results in an infinite number of interactions instantaneously avoiding the security-scalability limitations of blockchain alone.

Send and receive: 123.368900MOL2019-02-11 22:49 Confirmation here→ mol_3n1mz9dbnb

DAG can model many different kinds of information. A new DAG-Chain is created each time a MOL transaction occurs on the native platform. There is no congestion or lag. Molecule resolves many major blockchain issues such as scalability bound only by the speed of your Internet connection — not transactions per second (TPS) but transactions per millisecond (TPM)!

Blockchain is a time-stamped triple entry ledger holding a series of immutable data within distributed computers: a linear system that is ideal for accounting and auditing. MOL’s blockchain wallet prevents double spend and adds a layer of security.

Molecule’s one-click web browser tokenization provides an instant payment protocol. The video demonstrates the simple create, send, and receive asset issuing service.

Molecule is also an INSTANT and FEELESS peer-to-peer mobile (Android & IOS) public chain with real world application.

The mobile miner is a giant leap enabling millions of users to obtain crypto easily. Phone energy consumption is extremely minimal compared to computer mining coins like Bitcoin. Since Mol’s mining rate accelerates, it is exponentially faster (25, 50, 100x) compared to Electroneum and other crypto within a twenty-four hour period — even mining using greater Hash/s.

P-2-P systems flourish beyond intermediaries, censorship, coercion, control, or regulatory oversight. Payment and utility cryptocurrencies could be viewed as a threatening electronic Hydra; however, developers focus on problem resolution — faster transaction speeds, reduced financial costs, improved digital applications, security and privacy, interoperability, Blockchain as a Service, a better attention economy, data storage, and a Web3 user-controlled Internet. Hashgraph, Radix, and Holochain likewise deploy designed operations each using alternative technological standards.

As William Mougayar points out in his Medium article, there are three tenets to token value and they are:

  • Role.
  • Features.
  • Purpose.

These three are locked up in a triangle:

Each token role has its own set of features and purpose which are detailed in the following table:

MOL has Usage and Value along with revolutionary capability. They created a powerhouse crypto for phones. Transfer is INSTANT and FREE with peer-to-peer mobile pay. MOL users can mine tokens, send to others or personal wallets, buy items, and sell to linked accounts without a transaction or gas fee! Besides mining, Molecule can be purchased via exchanges (currently Bit-Z and FCoin). *If new to digital currency, check into videos on how to buy ETH with fiat on bridged exchanges and transfer it between sites to buy MOL.

‘Methods of spending cryptocurrencies is certainly growing with physical stores, websites, and the like, there is one major market that has yet to heavily integrate cryptocurrencies is the mobile app market.’ — Kirill Shilov: Founder of and

‘ We hope more people use and understand MOL (applications) through SDK as payment’ —

Molecule has the payment ability of a coin (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Tron, Ripple, etc.) yet transactions are INSTANT and FREE. Molecule likewise has proficiency as a token with wider Ether-like functionality.

  • Smart Contracts
  • Tokenization
  • Crosschain: 1st quarter 2019
  • Gaming
  • dApps
  • Virtual Machine
  • Digital Asset (Phone App): Mine tokens, transfer to others or your own wallets, buy items, and sell MOL to linked accounts.

Molecule built an instant and free DAG public chain micro-payment service. On the MOL App, anyone can mine tokens 24/7. With real world purchase ability, China version since June 2018, you can buy items (think Apple Pay) with a simple QR Code store scanner.

#DEVWEEK2018- The World’s Largest Global Developer Expo & Conference 
Alex Qian: Molecule Founder and Developer- blockchain & , M.Tech from IIT Delhi.

June 2018: NY Time Square
Blockchain wallet layer and DAG stack

Receive 500MOLRed packet, join and receive and feeless DAG blockchain, Mobile mining (for newbie, one red packet.

Molecule Whitepaper — Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) to English.

Data mining algorithm speeds up: add friends and every 100+ coins mined.

Wi-Fi mobile mining requires minimal energy consumption. Anyone can mine MOL and earn money. With more mined, less will be available held within wallets, stores, and on platforms. Molecule is currently only sold upon a few exchanges. To strengthen price, MOL will garner community support, integrate into the marketplace, add more trading platforms, and establish partnerships. The sky’s the limited with their Software Development Kit — DAG can model many different kinds of information.

Roadmap milestones are being met with continued ongoing development. The Economy of Mobile is a microcap project with massive upside!

IBM Israel: The method of using Directed Acyclic Graph of blocks (Blockchain-DAGs) is an alternative to traditional public blockchain ledger structure.