My favourite podcasts from 2017 (Jan-Feb)

Here is a quick list of my favourite podcast listens from 2017 (so far…). I’ll keep this list updated as the year goes on. I might do a 2016 list at some point too.

1. 8 Years in the Situation Room with Ben Rhodes

‘Tommy and Obama’s former Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes discuss Ben’s career path, Obama’s Cairo speech, the damage Trump is doing, counterterrorism, restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba, Wikileaks, Snowden, Israel, Syria and more.’

2. Mr. Money Mustache — Living Beautifully on $25–27K Per Year

‘Mr. Money Mustache (@mrmoneymustache — Pete Adeney in real life) grew up in Canada in a family of mostly eccentric musicians. He worked in various tech companies before retiring at age 30. Pete, his wife, and their now eleven-year-old son live near…’

3.Brewed force

‘In the mid-1990s Australia-born Jasper Cuppaidge ended up in London after missing his connecting flight while on a surfing trip. Years later and still in London, he founded one of the city’s most famous and beloved beer brands, Camden Town Brewery, which he recently sold to much fanfare and controversy to the world’s largest brewer — for £85 million. This week Cuppaidge tells us what happened between that missed flight and that big sale, and what he’s learnt along the way.’

4.Becoming an extraordinary leader | General McChrystal and Chris Fussell on shared consciousness, empowering employees and building a cohesive team

‘Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey — some of the greatest leaders of all time. But what makes each of these individuals such a remarkable leader? And how do we define great leadership? We may be apt to hold on to the…’

5. Jason Fried — Robots, watches and not sweating

‘I get the chance to sit down with Basecamp co-founder and CEO Jason Fried before “The Basecamp Way To Work” event at their office in Chicago.’

6.Arnold Schwarzenegger Part 2! Bodybuilding, Investing, and Online Battles

‘Arnold Schwarzenegger (@Schwarzenegger) told you he’d be back. In our first conversation (episode 60), the former Mr. Olympia, Terminator, and Governator shared lessons learned, daily routines, psychological warfare tactics, favorite books, early…’

7.Sudden Coffee (Season 2, Episode 2)

‘In the fall of 2016, 12 startups came to San Francisco, California. Each company founder came for one reason, to try and raise money for their startup. In this season we’re going behind the scenes to the moment when aspiring entrepreneurs put it all…’

8.Shane Smith

‘Shane Smith is a Canadian-American journalist. He also is the co-founder and CEO of the international media company VICE.’

9. BodyArmor/Vitaminwater Co-Founder Mike Repole: “It’s Gold or Nothing.”

‘Mike Repole, the co-founder of BodyArmor, is unsa…’

10. Chris Baréz-Brown — Escaping a Life on Autopilot

‘It’s been estimated that more than 80% of our time awake is spent on autopilot, leading to a life of missed moments and even less enjoyment at home and at work. This week’s guest, Chris Baréz-Brown, is on a mission to help us escape that routine. The’

Other Podcasts I am Enjoying…

> Pod Save America

Four former aides to President Obama — Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor — are joined by journalists, politicians, comedians, and activists for a freewheeling conversation about politics, the press and the challenges posed by the Trump presidency.

>Slate’s Political Gabfest

Voted “Favorite Political Podcast” by iTunes listeners. Stephen Colbert says “Everybody should listen to the Slate Political Gabfest.” The Gabfest, featuring Slate’s Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz, is the kind of informal and irreverent discussion Washington journalists have after hours over drinks. Part of the Panoply Network.

> The Bill Simmons Podcast

‘HBO’s Bill Simmons relaunches the most downloaded sports podcast of all-time with a rotating crew of celebrities, athletes and media members, as well as mainstays like Cousin Sal, Joe House and other friends and family members who always happen to be suspiciously available.’