CS183C Session 8: Eric Schmidt
Chris Yeh

I was at Novell before and after Schmidt. I’m astounded at this comments. Very self serving. I don’t expect him to discuss being MIA for a year to help with Al Gore’s election. I don't expect him to mention his shenanigans on the corporate jet. But was is necessary to throw Novell under the bus. This business about not knowing what he was getting into and just wanting to stay out of jail is ridiculous. He was there for years. He looted the place. He did manage to get out with his “outside” reputation intact but not with Novell people. He organized the purchase of a company in distress so he could gracefully make that companies CEO the new head man. As Novell’s CEO he had a responsibility to represent Novell. He absolutely knew the acquisition of Cambridge was not in Novell’s interests. He did it only for his graceful exit.

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