Behind the Lens — Angkor Wat, Where Masses Thou?

Angkor Wat, Where Masses Thou?

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

How to beat the crowds? How to have Angkor Wat all to yourself? How to outsmart the masses? Those are the headlines of some popular articles about Angkor Wat once you figure out you are going to be among other 3 million that visit the largest temple complex in the world. Yes, THREE million. For some purely blissfully illogical reason, we minds don’t go “oh well” and give up, but fingers start googling photos to prove it CAN be done. 5 minutes later we are sure we can outsmart the millions. Can we?

Yes and No. Picture a horse. If it was to see with eye covers on the sides, he might very well see the empty road without anybody on the sidewalks. Same goes with Angkor Wat. If you can get up before 4 a.m., park your behind at the left pond before 5 a.m. and elbow your spot until 6 a.m., you may have a chance to take a serene photo like this, while in reality 180 degree angle looks somewhat like this…

The visuals. Taken by Arthur Bulota, photographer and ambassador of Fujifilm Lithuania, Fujifilm XT2, 10mm.

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