Behind the Lens — Sunset Unexpected

Sunset Unexpected

Ruby Beach, Olympic Peninsula, Washington, USA

It was a late afternoon after a long day hike in the Olympic National Park woods. We had rounded some good 15 miles and our feet were very happy to finally sit down in the comfy seat of the car. Wait, we have a stop marked on our way back home! — eyes said upon looking at the road trip map. Oh, we have to drop by! — the conscience backed it up. We are really tired, guys…the feet started. Shut up, you will be sorry next morning if we don’t - the other two decided.

So we pulled over to the Ruby Beach. It was a recommendation by one old photographer I knew — after making a fortune he spent his days travelling to the most amazing places on Earth, making the most amazing nature photos I have ever seen. I am telling you, old people have long figured the best places with the least amount of energy needed, so their advice is golden — take it. Having that advice, I marked down the Ruby Beach although it didn’t look very spectacular when I googled it (because that’s what young people do).

The moment we stepped on this wild beach from the overgrown tunnel was worth the trip, the aching feet, the wet cold. It looked perfect and fantastic. It looked too good to be true. I needed to rub my eyes and pinch myself. It was some good 5 minutes until somebody started to move and speak some delirious excited lines. This was the moment of the most spectacular sunset I have ever seen. Unexpected.

The visuals. Taken by Arthur Bulota, photographer and ambassador of Fujifilm Lithuania, Fujifilm XT2, 10mm.