I am because you are

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Ubuntu is a South African word from the Nguni people that encapsulates humanity. ‘Ubuntu ngumuntu ngabuntu’ means ‘I am what I am because you are what you are’. Or more simply, ‘we are people through other people.’ Ubuntu provides a view of humanity as intertwined. Under Ubuntu, we are all interconnected and our choices have an impact on others. To me, this makes a lot of sense, as I see humans primarily as social beings. As humans, we need other humans to live and thrive.

Ubuntu and post-apartheid South Africa

Nelson Mandela is known for using Ubuntu as his guiding…

The first philosopher

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Typically, philosophy students are taught that philosophy began in ancient Greece with Thales of Miletus. Aristotle also regarded Thales as a key founding figure in the Greek tradition.

However — spoiler alert — it seems that philosophy actually began in ancient Egypt with Ptahhotep. Ptahhotep was an Egyptian vizier from the 5th Dynasty of Egypt, in the late 25th century BC.

What is Ptahhotep known for?

Ptahhotep’s claim to fame is the so-called ‘Maxims of Ptahhotep’, a set of instructions for his son or successor. This is known to be the earliest collection of Egyptian wisdom literature of considerable size. The instructions…

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So, I recently finished watching ‘The Good Place’ on Netflix, a light-hearted comedy which incorporates Philosophy in an accessible way. It covered topics such as the trolley problem, virtue ethics, and deontological ethics (rules-based ethics). Typically, Philosophy gets a bad reputation in and outside of academia. However, as a PPE graduate and self-claimed philosophical enthusiast, I really enjoyed ‘The Good Place’s’ chilled take on Philosophy. So I’ve been inspired to revisit some of my favourite philosophical principles over the years.

My favourite philosophical principles

“Excellence is not an act, it is a habit”


Aristotle technically did not say this, but this is a…

Let’s support black-owned businesses!

So today, 27th June 2020, is the first official Black Pound Day! Black Pound Day was founded by Swiss World, of So Solid Crew. The mission of Black Pound Day is to build and promote the economic power of the black community by support Black-owned businesses.

The power of the Black pound

The Black community has an incredible amount of spending power. According to an IPA study, the BAME community has a purchasing power of £300bn. This study was conducted in 2013, so just imagine what the purchasing power of today could be.

A Google Inclusive Marketing Study found that 69% of…

We may all be tired but real change is long overdue

It’s been a long couple of weeks. I’ve processed so many different emotions: anger, frustration, sadness, grief, empowerment and joy. The acts of police brutality in the US and the underwhelming response of British politicians have triggered me. If that wasn’t enough, black people are still being killed every week, if not every day.

Although the emotions I’m feeling are not new, recent events have opened up past wounds to a depth I have not felt before. I’ve been mentally replaying in my head my own experiences of racism…

Why we need to actively rethink what the “new normal” should mean

I cannot stop thinking about those three words: “I can’t breathe”. Those three words resemble a broken society. A society that has been broken for hundreds of years. A society that continues to break repeatedly every time a black life is lost due to the perpetuation of systemic racism. A society that will continue to be broken, unless we fundamentally address and seek out a life where anti-racism is the norm.

All this talk of the “new normal” in relation to coronavirus ignores the elephant in the room…

The 5 life lessons I’ll be taking from lockdown

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This lockdown has really humbled me, especially given that I am a sociable person. I also like to be in control. I tend to schedule my life weeks in advance, and so it has been hard to go from a full calendar to one that’s relatively blank. As much as I want this period to end, I’m a firm believer that “we should grow through what we go through”. …

Reclaiming blogging as a hobby

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My first attempt at blogging began in 2017 after a post-graduation backpacking trip to SE Asia, but I did not keep it up once I started full-time work. However, recently all the signs have been directing me towards to writing and blogging again. I’ve found myself starting various “diaries”, which help me to record memories, practice gratitude, state positive affirmations and note down my achievements.

Before I pursued a career in finance, I wanted to go into journalism and media: I was a finalist in a young journalism competition in my early teens, I attended a career insight day at…


Qualified accountant by day, blogger by night and philosopher at heart. Blogging about life and my lessons learnt: ugochiuninterrupted.com

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