8 Tips to improve your Safety in 2018

Happy New Year!

We all agree that if we are not healthy or are exposed to unsafe conditions, we might not be able to make the most of the new year. Life and good health are the prerequisites to achieving most milestones. Therefore it is important to not neglect our health and safety as we plan to achieve our 2018 goals.

Keep goals in manageable bits

The year has started and there will be so much pressure on us internally and externally to achieve set goals. While setting goals is not a bad idea, keeping them in manageable bits is a better idea. This way, you work strategically and avoid “overdoing”. The challenges with overdoing is that because you have bitten more than you can chew, you will begin to make compromises that will affect your overall health and safety. You get stressed, overwhelmed and if not properly managed, depressed too. These things have a way of also affecting people within your sphere of influence and compromising their safety. Therefore, pace your goals and tasks this year.

Delegate or Outsource

Unfortunately you cannot do it all efficiently simply because the demands on our time increases by the day. Therefore identify your core strengths and focus your energy there. Delegate other tasks to your team mates or Outsource to others. This is also important on the homefront not just at work. Collaboration and partnerships will help you do more efficiently without the attendant health and safety issues of doing it alone. Of course, it is important to apply wisdom when seeking collaboration to prevent avoidable issues.

Get knowledge and apply it
 By now, you should have identified areas in your personal and business life where there are safety concerns. Get knowledge, ignorance is no longer an excuse. Read articles, watch videos, attend events, sign up for more training to keep you up to date. Things like death from gas explosion should be a thing of the past because you have heard about the experiences of others, so apply it. Health issues arising from workstation arrangement should be reduced because countless information abound. Get knowledge and apply it.

Share information with others
 The actions of others have a high tendency to compromise our safety. So we might follow all the safety rules but if just one person does the wrong thing around us, our lives can be at risk. Therefore, share information. Just the way we share music, funny pictures and randy jokes, let’s also begin to share things that can save the life of others.

Introduce fun to the workplace
 Most times, health and safety challenges at work arise due to rigid workplaces. When employees feel happy and comfortable it translates to better productivity. Therefore, think of innovative ways of adding fun to your workplace in order to relieve stress.

 This is a great way to boost your wellbeing. Exercises keep you refreshed for the tasks ahead. The major complaint about this is a lack of time to join a gym. In 2018, you’d need to be innovative and start doing exercises in your room at home and during breaks at your workstation. I’d be sharing some exercises you can do from the comfort of these locations all through this year on my Instagram and Facebook pages. So, look out for them.

Sleep well
 There is this notion that to be the best and slay goals, one has to cut sleep time. While I am not advocating for laziness and oversleeping, it is important for every individual to spend the right amount of hours sleeping and resting. You cannot cheat nature. If you succeed now, the consequences will be awaiting you in future. Adequate rest is important in achieving goals.

Be intentional

This is the year where you need to be deliberate about ensuring your health and safety. Make necessary lifestyle adjustments as and when necessary. Yes, it takes some getting used to but you will eventually get used to the right thing. From time to time, keep the phone away and connect with humans in the flesh. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh. Don’t take life too seriously. Don’t allow challenges wear you out.

Cheers to achieving 2018 goals in good health.

Originally published at ulomka.com on January 1, 2018.