I didn’t do anything to become an American citizen . I was just born here.

I am deeply disappointed with the White House’s decision today to end DACA. It is cruel, unmerited, and not reflective of the America that I love and grew up in. I am an American citizen by birth, but these Dreamers are every bit as American as I am.

Many of these youth had no choice in their immigration to the United States and were unaware of their undocumented status until later on. Likewise, I, and my fellow birthright American citizens had no real hand in our being born in the United States — it was merely a matter of circumstance and fate. It’s not their fault that their parents opted to enter through the back door. They shouldn’t be punished for their parent’s mistakes.

They grew up here. They eat the same McDonalds, drive the same Toyotas and like you and I, are still chasing the American Dream. They are our teachers, our neighbors, our engineering students, and our friends. They’re not criminals. They’re not rapists. They’re not drug lords.

Now with nearly 800,000 people on the verge of displacement, what’s next? Yes, the revocation of DACA sounds logical in theory, however, life isn’t so black and white. This isn’t the solution. These are real people with real stories. As far as I’m concerned, the only partition between myself and them is a piece of paper.

These are ordinary people like you and I, from different circumstances but bonded with one goal: we’re all just trying to survive. To send them “back” to countries completely alien to them would be unfair and heartless. Please, let’s be humane.