My Experience Within Four Days In Andela Boot Camp

It has been a privilege for me to be part of the Andela Boot Camp program. I have concluded two rigorous mental exercises already and would be done with the third one by 5pm today. You might wonder how rigorous the exercises are, here is a hint: Writing a command line program to consume a public web API using Node.js. This might look so simple to accomplish but certainly not for a newbie in JavaScript or Nodejs. I would want to liken this to an adult amateur swimmer who dived into a deep pool to swim just because he was convinced swimming is easy after watching a little child swim.

Its worth it to note that there are deadlines for every day’s task; It hasn’t been easy reading up on many different but interesting topics, solving simple and complex problems as well as meeting deadlines.

The exercises have tested our reasoning ability as well as our problem solving skills. I would say it has improved my approach to problems and have taught me how to approach them systematically.

I am very happy to be a part of the program and would work harder to meet up deadlines in subsequent challenges.

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