Week One At Andela Fellowship: A Reactive Week With Reactjs

Here we are, finally, in the fellowship as an aspiring world class software developer after the rigorous two weeks boot camp. It is popularly said that rest comes after much labour; I don’t think so as an Andelan, we continue to work; we continue to grow, we continue to sharpen our skills until we become world class software developers.

I’ve had a great week so far here in the fellowship, typically that of excitement from work flow and pressure from technical training facilitators. Read on as I share some of my experiences with you.

I was hit with a task to develop a News Feed Application(front end) using the Reactjs and its flux architecture pattern. It hasn’t been so smooth for me learning Reactjs for the first time and implementing a complete and well tested application using the package (Reactjs) entirely in ES6. It’s a worthy challenge I whole heartedly accepted seeking to develop while I strive to meet and exceed set expectations.

I must commend the work environment- it’s so wonderful. Everything needed to evolved as a world class developer has been put in place: There is a host of friendly software engineers of varying level of expertise and experience ready to assist in resolving technical issue I encounter; There is a simulation structure in place to give us the feel of a software development lifecycle senario; There is good food, and a warm and vibrant work space to soothe different developer personality.

I really feel great to be in the Andela team; I’m glad to be a part of the technological revolution in Africa.