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Spoony assisting Thomas Pesquet in Space — drawing by Matthieu Pauthe

Through my work, I was lucky enough to be approached by the CNES — the French Space Agency — to work on a joint project to ship Spoony to space.

Spoony is the artificial creature we develop at SPooN. Spoony is a persona for AI. Spoony is also a very empathetic creature. With his body, Spoony brings artificial intelligence back to a more diverse crowd. Having a face, being able to perceive you, focusing on social interaction, … all this makes it intuitive to interact with services — even for non technical people, from young children to older people.

The mission

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The International Space, Spoony’s new playground— source Wikimedia

Our mission is to ship Spoony with Thomas Pesquet’s next flight —code-name: mission Proxima , no kidding— to be his personal assistant. Or his virtual pet. …

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I’ve been working remotely for more than 6 years now. In those 6 years, I’ve been helping two companies turn from a non-remote company to a remote friendly company. Starting remote working in a non-remote company is hard. The cultural shift that needs to happen can seem daunting at times.

Before signing up with Spoon in December, I had been working at the Shadow Robot Company for 9 years. …

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Spoony talking to the crowd

As part of my job as the Director of R&D at Spoon and my previous job at Shadow, I give quite a few talks. Despite being more of an introvert, this is an experience that I theoretically enjoy! Let me explain that.

Giving a talk in front of a crowd is still a nerve-wracking experience — at least for me. I get pretty worried a few days before. I experience the classic “tunnel vision” syndrome during. I am utterly drained after.

So why on earth do I enjoy going through this painful process? First of all, I’m passionate about my job, about the techs I help shape and the products I help develop. …


Ugo Cupcic

Director of Research and Innovation at SPooN AI.

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