Spoony assisting Thomas Pesquet in Space — drawing by Matthieu Pauthe

Through my work, I was lucky enough to be approached by the CNES — the French Space Agency — to work on a joint project to ship Spoony to space.

Spoony is the artificial creature we develop at SPooN. Spoony is a persona for AI. Spoony is also a very…

I’ve been working remotely for more than 6 years now. In those 6 years, I’ve been helping two companies turn from a non-remote company to a remote friendly company. Starting remote working in a non-remote company is hard. The cultural shift that needs to happen can seem daunting at times.

Spoony talking to the crowd

As part of my job as the Director of R&D at Spoon and my previous job at Shadow, I give quite a few talks. Despite being more of an introvert, this is an experience that I theoretically enjoy! Let me explain that.

Giving a talk in front of a crowd…

As the Chief Technical Architect at the Shadow Robot Company, I’m always looking for exciting ways to make grasping and manipulation easier for non-roboticists. Teaching from demonstration is one of the many ways to address this.

Teaching by demonstration: folding paper. Research from the CITEC group at Bielefeld University.


My daughter Alicia doing her best to hold on to the paper towel

As the Chief Technical Architect of the Shadow Robot Company, I spend a lot of time thinking about grasping things with our robots. This story is a quick delve into the world of grasp robustness prediction using machine learning.

First of all, why focus on this? There are currently much…

source Wikimedia

As I covered in different previous posts, being a Remoty has plenty of advantages when it comes to work-life balance. However, another advantage I discovered recently was the “slashing” possibilities — as coined by Marci Alboher in “one person/multiple careers”.

A slasher is someone that combines multiple professional activities. It…

Credit: WallpaperSafari

Getting started with robotics is probably a lot easier than you think. Here’s a simulation sandbox that’s cross-platform and provides a simple high level API. It should help you get started experimenting with robot grasping tasks.

As the Chief Technical Architect at the Shadow Robot Company, I spend a lot…

After 5 years of being a remoty in different positions for the Shadow Robot Company — from Head of Software to Chief Technical Architect — I’ve spent some time and effort perfecting my routine to achieve great productivity and focus while at work, and maintain an amazing work-life balance at…

2016 is drawing to an end. With 2017 right in front of us, it’s the perfect time to take a few minutes to reassess, go back over last year and start 2017 thrumming with energy!

We started 2016 with very little energy: Alicia, our second daughter, was born in October…

What it’s like to be a robot in 2017

A brief overview of the state of the art in grasping and manipulation. Image credit: ESA

What will a state-of-the-art robot be able to do in 2017?

There are many different types of robots out there, from humanoid robots to industrial arms that can move with an amazing accuracy and speed.

Given my area of expertise, I’ll…

Ugo Cupcic

Director of Research and Innovation at SPooN AI.

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