The One Nigeria Wahala

One of the most shocking moments of my life was when I discovered Obafemi Awolowo had described Nigeria as a mere geographical expression. I was shocked because he was right and because he was Awo.

So, is Nigeria, the product of a colonialist policy for easy administration really nothing more than a geographical entity?

Of course it’s not. Nothing more, nothing less. Awo was right and you’re all idealistic for expecting more.

Even worse you’re gravely mistaken if you think Nigeria would be a better country if we had stayed separate. How do I know this? Give me one ethnicity or geopolitical zone that is not rife with internal squabbles and power struggles.

In our smaller units we don’t seem to agree to anything except when we’re forced to by a common goal, which usually is opposing another ethnic group.

Which begs the question, if Nigerians in their smallest possible units don’t agree unless they find common ground, why haven’t we bothered finding common ground as a country.

Why have we spent more time arguing over what separates us rather than what we have in common.

We take isolated incidents of human character flaws and turn it into tribalistic theories. Stupid arguments like Yorubas are noisy, as if Onitsha is a library or Hausas are stupid as if Yorubas don’t come last in class too.

If you want to divide the country come and try, then if and when you succeed you’ll explain to me how you’ll start the much needed diplomatic relations with your neighbours, the other guys that used to be Nigeria.

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