Blockchain technology is mostly known for its reflections on the currency regime. Cryptocurrency phenomenon, and specifically Bitcoin, has been the first thing that comes to mind regarding this technology. However, as a distributed and encrypted digital transaction chain, Blockchain technology has much to offer. Its decentralized nature makes Blockchain also suitable for recording events and managing activities. People are increasingly realizing possible reflections in these realms and initiating companies by adopting this technology.

Copyrobo[1] is one of these companies which made use of the Blockchain technology outside the realm of currencies. It is a Vietnam based initiative (which also has Turkish roots) that offers to protect and share any authentic content in an easy and secure way. The company’s main aim is to secure its costumers’ copyright. Copyrobo stamps the documents that are loaded in their database by using Blockchain technology. These stamps, in return, provide evidence regarding copyright and patent protection in favor of the Copyrobo customer. These time stamps for the documents can be used as legal evidence in international courts.

Private proof

The originality of their digital service is based on the CopyrightKey (@copyrobo-1234abcd) code they have produced. This code enables the costumer to record the production date and the producer of the document through a link. This code not only helps us to record the initial production and ownership of a document, but also integrates the whole copyright ownership cycle of the contents.

Even though Copyrobo is only a drop in the ocean concerning the applications of Blockchain technology, this company offers an example of the reflections of this technology on the documenting provenance with the innovative code it offers.