Randstad uses Textkernel’s semantic matching engine in APM project

Randstad Group is a giant HR service provider which operates in 300 cities with around 57000 employees. They offer staffing services, personnel recruitment, and HR solutions. The aforementioned project, APM (automatic pre-matching) is their latest product, and provides an innovative solution.

Matching in this context means the pairing of suitable temp candidates with the companies. They act whenever there is a shortage of employees, due to ilnesses or differing demands of the working environment. Textkernel’s most prominent products are Search![1] and Match![2]. The most important upside of using such a semantic matching engine is the vast improvement in speed. Since the companies turn to this solution when in a tight schedule, this acceleration becomes a perfect match.

The Match! engine uses automated queries. It does not only use databases, but also searches sources like social media and other spots where applicants are found. It can match directly from a resume as well. The matching is bi-directional. The jobs can be matched to the qualifying candidates, of candidates can be matched to suitable jobs.

While this is only a start, more companies are likely to follow. The advantages it will create will aid the companies in their bids to become the leading company in competitive markets. HR services will be much more efficient and require less active human work.

[1] https://www.textkernel.com/hr-software/semantic-search/

[2] https://www.textkernel.com/hr-software/semantic-matching/

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