Raytheon BBN Technologies starts to use Machine Learning

In the beginning of December 2017, Raytheon BBN Technologies declared that it will start to apply machine learning techniques in the realm of developing military strategies basically to better understand and approach military conflicts.

Raytheon BBN Technologies is owned by Raytheon Company which is a leader in technology and innovation concerning cybersecurity and national defense solutions. As technological developments foster the implications artificial intelligence studies in numerous sectors, technology companies also try to harmonize their services with these latest developments. Ratheon BBN is apparently no exception.

The company developed a system which converts plain texts into a language compatible and understandable by artificial intelligence. This system, also called machine reading system, enables military officers to examine and analyze the causes of military conflicts and cooperations as well as relationships between these causal factors that can affect such conflicts and cooperations. As a consequence, military officers will have more advanced tools to develop their strategies due to having access to a wide range of possible set of motivations and explanations regarding the actions of the counterparty.

The machine reading system that Raytheon offers can be also applicable to the analysis of events from other realms such as firm relations or purely diplomatic politics. It is exciting to see the applications of the machine learning technology to the political and military actors’ decisions.