Searching “router” on Reposify’s search engine

Reposify launches IoT search engine

The Israeli company Reposify [1] is known to aspire to be the Google of IoT. They are a cyber-sensing company, which provides enterprises increased network visibility and protection. They work on inter-connected devices and monitor wide networks.

These days, it is really hard to assume that anybody can really be safe from being hacked. Even Mark Zuckerberg is known to close his camera and microphone with duct tapes. However, the company has a novel approach to cybersecurity and the solutions against DDOS attacks, hacking, etc. They do real-time mapping of the entire Internet, and determine correlations between digital assets. They have built a scalable system in order to be able to handle the sensing. They constantly discover the new devices that connect to the internet.

Their GitHub repository [2] contains API clients for many different programming languages and they support developer access. Also, they have a blog [3] in which they assess the recent developments. “Back in the ’90s, Google realized that the internet was built by websites. Today, the internet is being built by billions of devices.”, the CEO of the company said in an interview [4]. Time will tell whether their vision will get them so far.