Why you should follow these famous developers

For these last few years, I have been following various developers to keep being updated on new innovations within the developer world. Why is it so important to follow the newest developments in programming you might ask?

Why you should follow developers?

Well in school teachers can teach us a lot about certain methods to use, how to program and give you a mindset of a coder. The problem is that in school you only get the basics and never really dive deep into the subject and this is not necessarily wrong, but we should learn as developers to look beyond the curriculum and try to discover how much more the world has to offer us. A Teacher should be able to give you the spark to start, but after that you have to dive into the ocean of possibilities within programming trying many different things.

What is the reward?

The key to becoming a developer with these tools is to learn the newest tips and trick from these famous developers. This in turn will give you a wider range of skills and make you more valuable in the world of programming. They inspire us to achieve great feats with often very easy tools that benefit our lives as a developer greatly.

I see myself more a mix between a front & back-end developer. Even though I like working on complex databases that display various data I still give a lot of importance to the design of a website and that’s why I choose to follow both sides of the spectrum.

The first developer is Travis Nelson from Devtips. Devtips has great videos about front-end developement. He doesn’t only teach you how to write HTML or CSS code but also lays a great importance in what it means to be a designer and teach you which tools you can use to become a better developer. He also explains the philosophy behind HTML and why its invention is so important. I find his channel very helpful for the reasons mentioned above, but also because it’s a guy that speaks to the new generation. So instead of using old methods he covers many subjects from basic CSS to the parallax effect.

Will Stern is a great and inspiring developer from LearnCodeAcademy who has taught me a lot of things about new methods and tools you can use as a developer. His videos are a mix of front & back-end covering many topics such as NodeJS, AngularJS, JQuery, modular Javascript and many other tools such as Yeoman ,G and Grunt. With these tools you can easily stay updated on the newest developments within the code world and hopefully find a job that suits these skills. I can tell you they most certainly will! Especially NodeJS and Angular developers are very beneficial for companies nowadays.They give you the power to create real apps very fast from scratch.You should also check out this video in which he explains which programming languages are the most sought after and which one will become more prominent in the future.

Okey folks this is the last one, but probably the best! Bucky from the New Boston makes awesome videos covering all kinds of topics from programming android apps to brewing beer. This is a very cool channel you can learn almost any programming language. I’ve been following this channel for a couple of years now and it was really helpful for me as a developer, because it made coding fun and exciting. Coding at school was never that fun because the teachers themselves really had no idea what we had to learn so I turned to channels like this one. Bucky makes regular jokes in-between the videos which keeps the course entertaining. And with every bit of progress you make even just printing hello world to the screen, he congratulates you on your first bit of working code that you did all on your own.

this was a summary of my coding guru’s who changed the way I programming and also they way I look at coding as a whole. Youtube and other resources give us a great opportunity to learn more about the thing that we love most which is coding! I hope you’ll get inspired by these folks as me and that it will help you become a better coder. If you have any other coding guru’s which inspired you leave a comment below so we can all share the wisdom of these great people.

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