Project: Technology for nature

This last decade we have made great advances in technology. from computers to AI humans keep on developing new technologies that were thought to beyond our perception. But the question is how much of this technology is harming our environment? And are their enough initiatives that advocate the idea of giving back to nature?

Keeping this in mind our team is trying to build an app through which people can nurture their own tree. With this app we are trying to make people more conscious about deforestation. The app is linked to a “biofarm” every time you give the tree water in the app it will pomp water to the real life tree in the tank. This also means that you have to keep your tree alive or else it will also die in the tank.

Examples of similar concepts

There are many initiatives that resemble our concept in some way.

Tree-story is a game in which you have to nurture your tree to make it grow by giving it water and sunshine. Once the trees are fully grown you can send them to a grove to be planted in the real world. And the best part is you can keep on growing trees and find different ways to make them grown. for example you could use potions to speed up the process. You can also customize your tree to make it look unique and also play games to keep your tree entertained.Furthermore you also have to protect the tree from nasty Asian Long Horned Beetles and other harmful pests to keep your trees safe and happy. The app also includes tree facts to keep the players informed about trees.

Nature Bert: save the earth is an app in which children have to create a greener earth. It does this by teaching children how to water saving and electricity reducing ideas, this app teaches children ways that even the smallest of us can help the environment. By clicking on the various animals in the game you will get different responses

Bert teaches us to recycle our plastic bags so that sea turtles don’t swallow them in the ocean. A dog helps us understand that riding a bike is better for the air quality than driving a car. A horse teaches us to turn off the tap when we brush our teeth and little chickens reminders to shower fast to conserve water. A polar bear joins the fun as he helps us remember that shutting off lights saves electricity.

The forest app is an app that requires your attention. The idea of this app is that you have to stare at your screen while the app is active to make the grow. The longer you stare at your screen the more it will grow. But you cant cheat! if you exit the app it will notify you with a message saying that you have to renter the app or else your tree will die. By concentrating on the tree your tree will grow and you will gain points. You can donate these points to a “plant a tree project” which will plant a tree for you i real life which is awesome. You can also battle against friends to see who can grow the most trees. This makes the app interactive so people will keep playing the game.

All these examples have inspired me to have a different look at our app. How can we make our app more interactive? This was the issue that we were facing earlier this week. Because just by being aware of deforestation does not really result in anything. People need something in return and I don’t mean something tangible or money, but rather some form interaction or reward that keeps them motivated and serves as an incentive to keep playing the game.

I think it would be interesting to add functionality that displays info about trees. so for example every time you give the tree some water it will give you some info about trees or about the current climate. We could also give info about the info of the climate within the game by telling the player how well he is doing. Animals could be added to the scene making in more interactive. This means you won’t just be saving the trees, but also save the animals around it. it will give info about the biodiversity and why it will be in danger if we keep on cutting trees. Further more it would be it would also be nice to add some videos about deforestation. The animals in the scene need to be interactive meaning when the co2 lowers more animals should appear and look more happy. we are also adding a sun so when the c02 lowers the sun will shine brighter.

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