Unposted Letters


Why do I love you?

Is it because you’re beautiful? Or because you’re fun to be with?

Is it because I feel like I've won something every time I make you laugh?

Is it because you’re currently out of my reach? Or because you make me feel vertigo? Make my heart skip and beat a furious rhythm every time you smile at me?

Or maybe it’s because there are so many reasons, I'm undecided about which one gets me the most?

You are beautiful… call me superficial, but that is one of the reasons I can’t get you off my mind.

You are good. Yes! this is deep, but also true. Your heart has an amazing capacity for kindness and I love you because of that.

You make me feel like you can see right into my soul every time you look me in the eye.

But I've found that the little things you do are captivating in the most improbable ways.

I like those little looks you give me through your lashes like you want me there and then, even when we’re not alone!

I love you because there’s this feeling of absolute contentment I feel whenever I see you again after we've been apart for a while.

I love you because you love me. Selfish, but true. You let me know in every possible way — when we’re alone together…when we’re miles apart…when i see jealousy flash in your eyes when you see me with another.

I love you because you make me feel like I found the real thing when others have fool’s gold.

I love you because you’re beautiful…oh! I already said that.

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