Air Pollution

Pollution is a global problem on our planet and should be brought to our attention because almost every area of where we live in is faced with some type of insanitation or uncleanliness sometimes through our own hands whether it be through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the environment we live, or etc. The air we breathe in for example, the use of gas filled cars, the use of liquids which can be throwing oils or hazardous liquids down our sinks(also into street drains which lead to the ocean, polluting it,) or littering on the streets.

Hurricanes devastate and destroy a huge part of a place pertaining to how physical it is. Hurricanes are strong winds that act like a vacuum and this vacuum can eradicate its surroundings easily. One news article in the New York Times (Houston’s Floodwaters Are Tainted, Testing Shows)speaks about the water pollution in Houston where recently a hurricane came by and wrecked most of the place. It caused massive floods and waters to be extremely toxic. Arsenic material, which is a poisonous chemical used to kill insects and weeds is sometimes contained in that water. The contaminated water however is mainly focused inside houses and somehow it builds even more inside the houses rather than outside the houses. Anyone who is faced with cuts or bruises should stay away from any type of water completely otherwise it will infect and contaminate one’s skin which then will make the condition of one’s skin worse. One person said the water is like pools of huge toilets where you’re unable to flush it. Residents there will have to move to different cities now after what they’ve faced. Hearing all about this is very shocking because so many hurricanes occurred in the month of Sep, 2016 and these people who feel pain like we do (human beings like us), have to go through this type of calamity with force and inevitability.

Polluted air can’t be seen with the naked eye, although people aren’t informed about it. An article in the Los Angeles Times(L.A. warns homebuilders, but not residents, of traffic pollution health risks) speaks about how homebuilders are warned about traffic pollution while residents aren’t. The risks of pollution near freeways has went increasingly up with people who face asthma, strokes, cancer, reduced-lung function, and etc. Officials recently wanted to add signs near residential developments of 3 units or more within a 1,000 feet of a freeway. However since that was part of a Pilot program, only in some places of Los Angeles it’s been added(Boyle Heights, Wilmington, Pacoima and Sun Valley.) Environmentalists wanted to promote awareness on how homeowners and renters should know the conditions that they will face. The developers of those places will however lose profit because now their houses won’t sell as much and they will not be good financially. One person agreed that as long as every single house within 1,000 feet is warned about traffic pollution, then it would not be a problem to do so. So with that being said, the prices and the selling would be affected and hurt the costs of those houses within 1,000 feet. The issue is still being talked about and the mayor of Los Angeles is eager for any suggestions or ideas to make it safer.

Water although looks pure, can sometimes carry infected or materials that aren’t edible. An article in “The Guardian”(Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals) speaks on Plastic Fibres which recently have been found in tap water. Plastics fibres is composite material made up of polymer matrix reinforced with fibres. For example, glass (in fibreglass), carbon, aramid, or basalt. So scores of samples from a dozen of nations have found 83% of the water to be contaminated with these fibres. The US is the highest(94%) with the contamination of these fibres. Previous studies have also said that it’s mainly in oceans which then via contaminated seafood. If the fibers are there for sure, chances nanoparticles are there and nanoparticles can penetrate a cell or an organ which then is extremely dangerous. And nanoparticles are like small chemicals and I won’t go in depth on what they are. Just think of them as small chemicals. These fibres are also known as Microplastics that are found to be extremely toxic and poisonous. Rain can sweep the Microplastic contamination which explains how household wells were contaminated in Indonesia. The problem of plastic fibers can be solved if only we stop throwing plastic bottles in the ocean or stop misusing them.

The use of cars have a huge impact on travel transportation and despite that, its effects are detrimental to humanity. An article in “the ScienceDaily”(5,000 deaths annually from Diesel-gate in Europe) talks about annual deaths in Europe caused from the Diesel-Gate. The NOx emissions from the cars are 4 to 7 times higher on the road than in official certification tests. Respiratory and cardiovascular diseases which are 90% of this. The countries with the highest number of premature deaths with diesel cars, vans, and light commercial vehicles are Italy, Germany and France. The use of diesel cars are generally replaced with hybrid cars which then makes the air less polluted and helps solve the problem a lot. My argument with this would be that having all cars to be electric is dangerous because these electric cars don’t produce any noise and that leaves pedestrians in trouble. We tend to cross a street(J-walk) when we don’t see any car in sight and having no noise from a car is dangerous too because we can cross a street and there could be a hybrid car coming at 100 mph and we aren’t aware of it because we can’t hear it. So that’s something to take into consideration about gas and hybrid cars. And yes hybrid cars do carry some gas too but ridding gas completely and sticking to electric might not be the case in reducing the annual death rate.

A statistic which seems odd is held true with different races around the world pertaining to one’s skin color. An article in “Futurity” (People of color breathe more air pollution). An interesting study on how non-whites experience 40% of exposure than whites in 2000. However what can be drawn from this is that people of color live in close proximity to polluted areas so that then leads to them breathing in more of the polluted air. What I also can assume from this is that people of color for instance Latinos live in impoverished parts of the world and they are mostly exposed to a climate that’s polluted. The condition shouldn’t be blamed and it seems very obvious how it affects people of different races. Places like India, Pakistan, Philippines where not a lot of conditions are sanitary, leads to the breathing of different chemicals or filth in the air. Smog also plays a role which is rooted in this global problem too.

Air pollution is a global problem with hurricanes, NOx emissions, contaminated water, skin color taking in radiation, and etc all co-exist in our world. The fact of the matter is that most of it is uncontrollable and there’s not so much to do to save our world. However, for example contaminated water or the use of electric cars is in our control and we must utilize whatever is in front of us and hopefully in the future, find ways to make our world a better place to live.

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