Screw Whats up and small talk! Lets Big Talk!

Some questions we want to ask people, but instead we resort to, the easy and hollow ones! Whats up? More interesting questions would be,

Are you lost?

Are you at peace with yourself and everything else?

Are you scared of something?

Is something not as you wish for it to be?

Have you found what your soul has always been looking for?

Do we all need love and only that?

Are we truly enough by ourselves?

Do we always get what we need?

Why some believe while others doubt? Is that something they are born with?

How are you feeling today?

How can I make you feel more positive about life and yourself?

How can I make you feel best without you desiring to be so?

Why sometimes we feel entitled to be miserable?

What’s the best way to support a friend, unwilling to help herself?

How can I ensure I never lose you as a wonderful friend?

How do I get to meet you?

Should I leave safe harbors for my heart’s crazy liking?

What’s something you are scared for others to know about you? Why?

Will you come with me to the end of the world?

Are you willing to love me fearlessly? Am I?