Why You Should Be Kind to People You Hate
Zat Rana

It is hard for me to love or care or value selfish people. People who harm others to benefit themselves and their loved ones.

I can be cruel towards them easily. And when I thought of them, the hatred still doesn’t mellow down despite reading this.

I think their selfishness is what makes me hate them, and unless they don’t leave it behind I won’t be able to change my views and feelings towards them.

That I may not harm them myself just because they are selfish, but that I will never want to reduce the distance there is between me and them. And it probably will be the same distance I will strive to keep between this quality of selfishness and myself.

We don’t truly hate people for their selves. But we start hating them because of those qualities that they are contributing. And I think it is okay to hate evil and want to stay away from it. However, if I would see the same person dying of thirst, when I could actually save them, I would. My hatred for what they do wrong, doesn’t mean won’t be able to stop valuing the vulnerability in them, which is the very value I am drawn to in others.