Me: You know what?

Bestie: What?

Me: I think I am a beautiful human being.

Bestie: Yes you are. Any doubts?

Me: Doubts are there always.

Me: Can you say that about yourself?

Bestie: ummm not always

Me: When can you?

Bestie: When I feel it?

Me: And when do you feel it?

Bestie: I don’t remember:P I am not a self praiser.

Me: Does me thinking I am a beautiful person makes me a self praiser?…

This person who I see in that pic…; if I had come across her in this world… as not me… I probably would have thought the same about her. Just because I am in her body doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate her. And its possible, we may not always be the beautiful human being we think we should be. But we still need to value and respect ourselves. Because we would if this “us” was walking down that path as someone else. We would respect them and accept them just the way they are and expect ourselves to do that.

Bestie: hmmmm

Me: Just saying