When will you Approve yourself?

When will you approve yourself? When will you be alright? Enough?

Will it be when you will be married happily to someone you love, or will it be when you will have a job that is as good as someone who you know, or people approve of ? Will it be when you become famous for something? Or will it be when you’ll know that life after this point will never fail you in anyway?

Whose approval will be enough for you? How many people will you need those approvals from, before you would say you are approved?

Who will be they? Your family or your friends; or those acquaintances, those people who hardly care, or may be only care to object why you haven’t achieved what they all have, or aren’t living the way they are or what’s approved by them, by the society?

How long will it take for you to approve yourself? All of your life? Till your last breath? Because before that, there will be something you will not have achieved, placing you in a journey of struggle: Not Approved! Not yet Approved!

But imagine if you were to die today. Today this moment! You would have taken your last breath! Tell me? What all those people would have told you or asked, or said to you? Would they have said your taking time out soon is not approved either? Would they blame that on you as well? Or would they say that “ oh she died! At least she should have married before she died, or had gotten that job, or had been able to earn that paycheck, or at least have had two kids to leave behind, as a legacy or something? Or at least should have not lived or been as she was”? Or may be or may be just, I don’t know what else they would have said.

But, what would you have felt if you were to die today, this moment? What do you feel was something that you would have loved having done or being done but didn’t! Couldn’t!

To have known true love, you would say. Being able to do that one thing you wanted the most, even when the whole world said, don’t or you shouldn’t, or not meant for you, but that you still had chosen to do without fear or hesitation what the world would think.

To have said it all out that you didn’t, out of fear of what it could lead to.To have been able to fight fair, loudly, without a fear, if it breaks this friendship for good, or raises eyebrows. Because if you were to die today, you would not have the time or leisure to worry regretting the consequences.

What else would you have wanted to have done or achieved before you die? To have had spend nights and days doing what you loved most. Being in love and having fun. Being joyous. Something, you aren’t in control of, even if you were to live for 90 years.

That or more, but trust me on your deathbed you wouldn’t have worried if you had not earned enough or married someone. Yes if you could have done what you wished for and could, you would. But you wouldn’t have cared in this moment, if anyone approved of you or not, like you do now?

And that my friend is what I want you to seriously consider. That time to give yourself that approval and thumbs up is now, today, this moment!

You are already enough! You are! Trust me!
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