Where will this take me?

I met someone at a startup event last week. Duh, you went to a startup meetup, who do you guess you would be meeting? Guess we all know who. But why did I went there? What has been so appealing about startups for me? Someone who at one end wants to land a stable paying full-time job, how does going to a start up even falls in all that?

I guess, it comes when you are still exploring and willing to take up any opportunity to learn and to find out anything that you think might lead you to where you eventually hope to be. To be financially free, as far as career is concerned, cause a career that doesn’t get you there isn’t worth pursuing, Right?

So I met her, just like we meet random people. No! There are no random chances and occurrences, I am starting to realize. Each one that comes in your life is meant to meet a purpose. So despite wanting to socialize with each one there but unable to, the person I did end up talking to was a woman, who unlike those you meet once and never again become someone who walks one or blocks together. She was an entrepreneur, but one who is in the Quadrant S. But it was not the business she had with her husband but the word mentor, that caught my attention and got me curious which she accidentally, or now as I think about may have purposefully used.

“What mentors”? I asked. “Tell me more”? Instead of answering which, she instead posed one of her own, “ why you ask?” I think that has been the catch after which the meeting took a whole new turn. She invited me to a cup of coffee to tell me about the mentorship. She introduced me to a concept I would never have embarked on my own, making me read a book I would never have bought myself or would have even thought of buying, and referred to the process by which I could get access to this free mentorship, only if I was courageous, strong and determined enough to walk that path.

Which path, I thought with a bit of skepticism. What is she going teach or tell me? Will it be something legal, good, aligned with my values and faith, something my three bros will unitedly vote for and the most important of them all approve of? Is she going to mislead me into a wrong direction or lead me right?

Just then she comes with and even more skeptical remark when she says it is possible, what you learn, your family may not be totally in agreement with?

She handed me a book and gave me a week to read and meet her to discuss my understanding of it as well as whether if I am willing to take the next step.

Dohbtful, I shared this experience with my mom, and told her, I would like to go through this book with her or someone who she trusts to know better.

The book I am referring to is” The business of the 21st century by Robert T Kiyosaki. A name that had sort of left me at ease. To what I know of that man he is anything but evil.

Is this book going to be a door opener for me in someway or a lesson to teach me something that I need to, I am not sure.

The path we take when it presents itself, and those we don’t when they present, are they in our DNA or fate or is it how we are designed and things we are meant for, I wonder?

I may not walk that mentorship path she is taking for herself to gain financial freedom which this path is all bout. But who doesn’t want or need financial freedom and who wouldn’t like trying something new to make things happen for them?

My doubts, skepticism or need to remain logical and practical might keep me from it. Whereas we encourage people to give up doubts but admire them for having logic, what if logic and doubt were one and the same thing?

There is nothing logical about many things, and so we doubt. But there is actually everything very logical about all the things around us, and that is faith!