The Existential Crisis.

“The universe is everything, and if it’s expanding, someday it will break apart and that would be the end of everything.” — Alvie, 9 year old. (from ‘Annie Hall’ — film, 1977).

We’ve all been there, when doing anything feels completely pointless. An existential crisis is when that mindset becomes chronic and renders you absolutely useless, because in the grand scheme of things, you are and will always be useless. No matter what you do and achieve, it won’t make a planck sized difference. But that’s a good thing..

Finding a point and meaning of life and existence is really exhausting and just plain stupid; it’s way easier to accept that there is no point. While that answer might seem cliché and inconclusive, it helps us to view life less seriously and much more hysterically. It eliminates the fear of death, and makes clinging on to your life ironical because working everyday for conclusively no results is completely illogical.

Hillary Quanash wrote in one of her Quora answers: “Imagine fishes going to high school, college, and med school, and working little fish corporate jobs and all other things humans before us have created which we live by today. This would be HILARIOUS. ‘What are they doing all these things for?’, we’d ask. They are fishes! They are these little unimportant delicious things! And that is how the human race seems in the grand scheme of things.”

This (perfectly logical) argument doesn’t intend to make you suicidal or destructive or send you into a coma of depression. Living and dying and everything in between are equally illogical and realising that and completely accepting that makes our time here a bit more fun.

We are infinitely insignificant and yet, we don’t give a fuck, we go through pain, emotions, relationships, hard work, knowing it won’t matter at all, and that deserves a sad rusty laugh.

This brings me to the conclusion that most of us, don’t want to die, not for any reasons that make sense, but just because we don’t want to, and that feeling deep down is so intense that it completely eradicates and incinerates our most valuable asset which is logic. That feeling is greater than the universe, time and the concept of existence because it overpowers them.

So this means (hopefully) you’re not gonna to jump out of the nearest window. And that brings forth the most important ‘point’ of this article, if we’re all going to live life anyways, might as well do it perfectly. If you’re interested in music, be the best DJ ever, if you like chess, become a grandmaster, if you like biology, cure cancer, ask your crush out, jump off that cliff. Live life so fully that you might just find a meaning to existence (or at least your own interpretation of it), and even if you don’t, you’ll know you couldn’t have done any better than that.

So chill out, get some coffee, open spotify and smile at the everyday.

…or don’t, it won’t matter.