Practising is key when it comes to getting better at design and it is okay to make concept designs or copy of existing designs to learn and practise new techniques.

However it is always good to bear in mind that there is a great value to build those skills with real life design challenges in mind. Not only designing the interfaces but practising the design thinkings, reasonings behind it. is curating these kind of examples. Below are some designs from Real Life Projects category in branding and product design. …

Typography plays an important role in telling your message and setting the style. Here are some examples from using big typography in web design for your real life projects.

Released on December 19, 2017. It was something I coded to teach myself Ruby on Rails basics. I released it in its simplest possible form with minimum features, I didn’t really have any expectations, however I was blown away with your support 🤯🙏 Now I’m working very hard on V2 to release asap 🙌

Here are some stats from the release week.


👤 User Visits


👀 Page Views


🌠 Designs


👨‍🎨 Designers

It became the #1 Product of the Day on ProductHunt with 1K+ upvotes 😱
Deeply grateful for your support 🙏

UI Jar

Handpicked designs from Dribbble for your real life projects.

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