🚀 UIJar.com Release Week Stats and Design Updates

Released https://uijar.com on December 19, 2017. It was something I coded to teach myself Ruby on Rails basics. I released it in its simplest possible form with minimum features, I didn’t really have any expectations, however I was blown away with your support 🤯🙏 Now I’m working very hard on V2 to release asap 🙌

Here are some stats from the release week.


👤 User Visits


👀 Page Views


🌠 Designs


👨‍🎨 Designers

It became the #1 Product of the Day on ProductHunt with 1K+ upvotes 😱
Deeply grateful for your support 🙏


Here are top 3 of the most viewed designs from each category

- Websites

Analytics Person Profile by @reformco https://uijar.com/posts/analytics-person-profile

Mobile & Web Dashboard Views by @reformco https://uijar.com/posts/mobile-web-dashboard-views

You can see more website designs at 

- iOS Android

Progress & Prep/ Plan by @Murat_Gursoyy https://uijar.com/posts/progress-prep-plan

- Illustrations

Industrial city by Dmitrii Kharchenko https://uijar.com/posts/industrial-city

Slack.com redesign — Illustrations 01 by @byalicelee https://uijar.com/posts/slack-com-redesign-illustrations-01

MyTaxi Driver by Aslan A. https://uijar.com/posts/mytaxi-driver

You can see more illustrations at 

- Branding

Fox by Charlie Isslander https://uijar.com/posts/fox

- Others

User Visa Card by Uber Design https://uijar.com/posts/user-visa-card

Letterpress Calendar by Francis Chouquet https://uijar.com/posts/letterpress-calendar

Marvel for Apple TV by @maximedegreve https://uijar.com/posts/marvel-for-apple-tv

You can see more designs from Other category at

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