Group Photo of Russia Meet-up (with UINP in the middle)

UINP’s Debut, Global Roadshow — Russia Station

November 6, UINP was invited to participate in Genesis C.A.T Meet-up Moscow station, which hosted by the Genesis Capital, co-hosted by Genesis Lab and ICODROPS(the world’s most influential rating agencies), Top Russian funds such as Martix、CIB also attended. This meet-up aims to promote the integration of high-quality resources.

Global Roadshow — Russia Station Site

During the meet-up, Steve Fan, the CTO of UINP, discussed cross-chain technologies and the development of blockchain industry with all the attendees and shared UINP’s functionality, implementation, economic system and specific application. Meanwhile, UINP also have deep conversation with top local organizations to realize the possibility of multidimensional cooperation.

Highlights Review

At present, each chain in the blockchain world has become a single closed-loop ecosystem, which can’t be perceived by each other, although some projects try to achieve chain interoperability through side chain, but the effects. It’s not working very well. UINP’s technical team realized this issue can only be solved from the underlying transport-layer, as well as the information islands issue. As the world’s first double-layer(transport layer & application layer) cross-chain protocol, UINP aims to transform the data language between chains through auto increasing & decreasing and optimum cross-chain transmission, promote the standardization development of blockchain industry, accelerate the prosperity of application development market, reduce the difficulty of developer’s development; like the TCP/IP protocol in the Internet, UINP can not only satisfy developer’s needs, but also have the same protocol standards to achieve cross-chain consensus.

The fundamental purpose cross-chain project serves is to eliminate the information island problem between different chain and realize value circulation. Cross-chain information interaction is to transfer information from one chain to another without changing the original chain structure, so that both sides can understand each other.

For example, the P2P transaction, property holders can trade with each other directly without an agency like exchange. And different assets can be converted directly to each other without changing the total value on each block chain, which saves transaction cost as well as time.

Of course, UINP is not limited to cross-chain asset exchange. Dapp migration, smart contract cross-chain invocation, cross-chain information invocation, multi-chain information confirmation: for example, cross-chain invocation and confirmation of digital copyright, notary public, digital identity and other information are all within the scope of UINP’s cross-chain application scenario. Instead of digital currency investment, When the practical applications become the mainstream, the cross-chain will be particularly important.

After the meeting, ICODrops also interviewed Steve Fan and consulted the development of UINP project, as well as its team background and resources. Steve Fan made detailed introductions one by one.

More than half of the members of UINP team are oversea postgraduates in science and engineering. There are programmers with rich experiences on public chain development, as well as the academic theoretical research support from elite schools such as Imperial College London and The University of Melbourne. CTO Steve Fan was also the AI artificial intelligence technical consultant of Aerospace Blue Ocean Technology Co., ltd.

When Steve Fan was asked about why choose Russia as the first stop of the roadshow, he said that Russia has a great technological atmosphere, and the cryptography, informatics, physics and IT industries here have kept high standards and attention due to historical and war reasons. This is consistent with the idea of UINP founding team ‘changing the world with technology’, which has been throughout the project, including the construction of community. The team has specially created a technology geek community, it provides a space for technology enthusiasts to communicate with each other, and is also a cross-chain technology knowledge sharing platform, enabling more technology enthusiasts to participate in the construction of the blockchain industry.

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