Indian Women — Don’t consider her a hero! For Gods sake!

Former President of india — Pratibha Patil

There is no dearth of embarrassing and shameful appointments in new-age India. But none takes the cake as much as this lady –

Yes. She is the (now ex-) President of India — Ms. Pratibha Patil.

Appointed to the highest office of the largest democracy in the world, the lady did not just make a fool of the country in India and abroad, but also made best of tax-payer’s money by spending a whopping Rs. 222 crores (INR 2.22 Billion) only on her foreign trips during her tenure of 5 years (22 countries, 4 continents). Her last trip to South Africa and Seychelles (really..??) cost Rs. 18.08 crores (INR 180.8 Million) by itself with one day hotel stays costing as much as Rs. 78 lakhs in some cases.

And, all these trips were approved by the PM’s office deeming as ‘necessary for bilateral relations’ with these countries. Seychelles, really again..??

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