The future of Integration Technologies — iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service)

  • By 2017, in large organizations, at least 65% of new integration flows will be developed outside the control of IT departments
  • By 2018, iPass market will further fragment, with no vendor exceeding 15% of the global iPass customer base
  • iPaaS — cloud service — platform to support application, data, process integration project — involving combination of cloud service, API, on premise solution.


  • Cloud Service Integration — integrating combination of on-premise application, data and SaaS application.
  • B2B Integration
  • Integration with — API publishing and management
  • Mobile App Integration (MAI)
  • IOT Integration

Types of Integration

  1. Enterprise Integration — most of the products focus on these areas
  2. Citizen Integration involve — IFTTT, cloudwork,, Keevy, OneSaaS, Zapier

iPaaS market to grow —

  1. Because of CAI, IOT, MAI requirements
  2. Adoption of SMB’s that have been shying away from middleware due to high costs
  3. Fierce competition from different vendors — and struggle for awareness
  4. rapid appearance and disappearance, merger acquisition will continue until the market stabilizes.
  5. tension to build up in the enterprise between the group supporting on-premise application vs the new LOB inclining towards iPaaS acquisition.


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