Smart Token Exchange (STeX):Unique cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency market is growing day by day.every day new coins come in this market.that’s why peoples interested to buy new coins.and coin trading is very popular at this time. We all know cryptocurrency market is a very gainful for all investor. volatile market create many problems but Stex team experts are always ready to solve problems belong to volatile market.

But most of coins faces liquidity problem.Stex provide this solution. Stex speciality is algorithms stex furnish a complex solution to solve liquidity problem. In stex Purchase various coins/token in one platform. Stex comes with advanced financial tools such as leverage, portfolio margin and options to blockchain world so ready to use eachone wishing to get most out of cryptocurrency trading.

That’s why go with Smart Token Exchange(STEX):-

1.Stex will be able to create a worldwide trading platform with a small financial investments and The rest of capital will go to market making activities to create even higher liquidity.

2.Horizontal scaling. stex is offer to use platforms and technologies that easily control everyone. stex previous successful KeyCaptcha project 40 million users, numerous billion database entries and over 100k of requests per second don’t have any difficulty about that.

3.More monthly dividends for investors because stex technical team is perfectly capable of handling a 100x increase of trading volume and revenue.

4.The main problem of other exchanges is less speed and order routing delays. stex have a ready-to-execute recipe to solve this difficulty.

5.Most of investor not know about trading in option. It means investor have a few risk with a big profit.stex provide this solution. Stex uses this principle in crypto currency exchange to drive crypto trading at a new way.

6.Stex team is able to implement quite a complex project in the shortest possible time that means stex will run at greatly high speed.

Token Information:-

Takes the STEX to the extent that the token can fully support the whole life cycle of the token DAO. These steps support the strength and development of STeX token. In first presale investors will receive 10% of the tokens sold during ICO,price would double from the very start of ICO after 20% of tokens is distributed, Price will be doubled when 5% tokens will be sold. Customers can receive their rewards every day on Monday because the company has planned monthly delivery of the company’s activities commission, without spending.

STE token’s timeline:-

  • in August-September, 2017
    Receive 1 STE token = 0.001 ETH in Presale
  • ICO=October 31, 2017
    Get 1 STE token = 0.002 ETH
  • in November, 2017
    ICO after 20% allotment of tokens.1 STE token = 0.004 ETH
  • ICO ends distributing more than 30% of all tokens= Q4 2017
    remember Last STE distribution price relies on demand volume

in December 31, 2017= ends ICO

STE coin turns tradable on exchanges and OTC 2018

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