Zodiac signs of the richest people on earth

I was getting a little bored on the weekend and thought of analyzing the zodiac signs of the richest people on earth.

I obtained the top 100 richest people list from Forbes. This data was taken on July 8 2017. After processing this data and converting it to useful information; I found some surprising results from this small research that I did.

The most common zodiac signs were Leo and Libra. These two signs together accounted for around a quarter of the top 100 billionaires! If the spread of billionaires were distributed equally amongst all zodiac signs, each sign would account for roughly 8.33% of the entire list. However, these two signs were dominant in the top 100. The least frequently occurring zodiac sign was Sagittarius. Below is a bar chart depicting the percentage of top 100 billionaires in the respective zodiac sign.

Zodiac sign distribution

There was another notable observation as well: The first Cancer billionaire to appear on the list was rank 69 and the first Sagittarius billionaire was at rank 75. Co-incidentally these two signs were also the least common zodiac signs amongst the billionaires.

Few notes about the data:

  1. There were totally 100 data points. However there were some which could not be included as their date of births were not available online. These people are: Karl Albrecht Jr. and Beate Heister, Maria Franca Fissolo, Joseph Safra, Theo Albrecht, Jr., James Simons, Wang Wei, Hinduja family, David and Simon Reuben Thomas and Raymond Kwok, Pallonji Mistry, Wang Wenyin, Thomas Peterffy and Iris Fontbona.
  2. Maybe if the data for the above people were available, there could be a more equally distribution or it could get even more skewed. There is no answer for that unless we have that data.
  3. Please do not use this data in any way to predict your or any other person’s chances of being a billionaire. This article was written just for entertainment purposes :)