Week 1 & 2 - Google Summer of Code 2019

Biweekly report 1

Ujjwal Agrawal

My GSoC project this year is to Create an Android app for Wiki Education Dashboard, and Programs & Events Dashboard.

Phab Task Link: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T217202

Github Project Link: https://github.com/WikiEducationFoundation/apps-android-wikiedudashboard

I already discussed some of the features of the Android app and made a prototype for the same during my application period. We had our first video meeting with my mentors on the first week on Coding Period. This year we decided to have daily standup meetings every day from Monday to Thursday where we need to share.

  • What progress did we do from the last meeting
  • What are our next Plans
  • Challenges are we facing now

Wiki Education Team wrote a nice blog for us: https://wikiedu.org/blog/2019/06/05/welcome-interns-amit-khyati-and-ujjwal/

Both of my mentors are really cool (I know this as I met them during the Hackathon.)

What did I do in Week 1 &2?

These two weeks the focus was to migrate the codebase from Java to Kotlin in Wiki Education Dashboard App. I always thought of learning kotlin but due to procastination, I stuck with Java for a long period of time. Finally, in the first week, I spent time learning about kotlin and migrated the whole app codebase (the prototype that I developed during the Community Bonding Period).

Links to PRs merged in Week 1 &2:

What I plan to do in the next 2 weeks?

Google Summer of Code 2019 Week 1 and 2 of the Coding Phase have been completed. Over the next 2 weeks, I will be focussing on adding Media Details Page and Image Viewer for viewing the uploads in Course Details Page.

Ujjwal Agrawal

Written by

SDE II @Walmart Labs | Co-Founder @codenicely.in | 2xGSoCer | Open Source Developer

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