WikiEdu Dashboard Android App- Google Summer of Code 2019

Ujjwal Agrawal
Aug 24 · 2 min read

During the 3 months, I worked with the Wiki Education Team to develop an Android client for the WikiEducation Dashboard. I am happy to share that I was able to successfully implement my proposal for developing the wiki education dashboard app.

Link to the proposal:

Link to the app:

Link to the Github Repo:

After the project, users can use the following features:

  • List of current, active courses
  • Log in to either and
  • Signup to either and
  • List of your own courses
  • List of users for a course
  • List of articles edited for course
  • Recent activity for a course
  • List of uploads for a course
  • Media Details Page
  • Search for courses by name
  • Settings & About Screen
  • Join a course that does not require a passcode [PR in-progress]
  • Join a course by opening an enrollment URL [PR in-progress]

Successfully merged Pull Requests for the Project

Here is the link that contains information about the merged PRs.

Next Steps:

I had many more ideas that I wanted to implement during my internship but was unable to implement due to time constraints. Some of them are tagged in the issues section in the GitHub repo. Looking forward to getting feedback from the users of the app.

I really loved working with Wikimedia Foundation during both of my internships. I wish to stay associated with Wikimedia Foundation in future too.

So that’s pretty much of what I did in Google Summer of Code 2019.

Ujjwal Agrawal

Written by

SDE II @Walmart Labs | Co-Founder | 2xGSoCer | Open Source Developer

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