NodeJs is a great technology which lets you perform server side task using JavaScript. In fact, it is very easy and fast to create a web server using NodeJs. There are several frameworks available on Node package manager which makes the development even easier and faster.

But creating a server side application particularly in JavaScript might be challenging . With the projects getting bigger — it becomes difficult to manage projects : reading existing code, writing new codes, trying to not repeat same code etc.

That’s why it is very important to choose a good framework — which follows good architecture, allow you to develop faster & at the same time provides good way to write clean & maintainable code. …


Crystal is a statically type programming language which is heavily inspired by ruby & features like -

  • Concurrency using green threads known as fiber (similar to go routine)

makes it a powerful language.

In this article - we will learn how to create a rest api in crystal language using Shivneri framework. You can download code of this article from -

Shivneri is a MVC framework for crystal which focuses on good coding styles, modularity and performance. …


Middleware is a technique which is heavily used in nodejs frameworks like express etc. It is based on chain of responsibility pattern means one middleware will call another.

Middleware are nothing but a function which has access to request, response and next callback. They are called in the same order as defined.

e.g -

In express middleware is defined as

var express = require('express')
var app = express()
// myLogger is middleware
var myLogger = function (req, res, next) {



The above code is taken from -

In the above code myLogger is a method and by using app.use we tell express that to use this middleWare. …


Ujjwal Gupta

Creator of jsstore, sqlweb, fortjs

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